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Uncontested Probate – price and service information

Each estate administration is different and the cost will depend on the individual circumstances of each new matter . We provide some explanation below which indicate a starting point for our fees but at our initial meeting and once we have details of the assets and liabilities involved we will be able to give you a better idea of the fees involved.

We deal with a variety of estates ranging from the simple to high value complex estates.

A simple estate is one where for example
- there is no issue as to the validity of the Will;
- it does not contain complicated or unusual provisions;
- there are a few bank or other accounts;
- limited beneficiaries
- no inheritance tax is payable

A complex estate is one where for example
- there is a Will with complicated or unusual provisions;
- there are numerous accounts, investments, shares;
- significant liabilities;
- many beneficiaries;
- trusts are created;
- inheritance tax to calculate and pay;
- property to manage;
- divided families;

The fee quoted / charged will reflect the nature of the assets and the simplicity or complexity of the estate.
A further consideration is whether or not Inheritance tax has to be paid. A Grant of Representation/ Probate will not be granted until the tax, if any, is paid or arrangements are made for the tax to be paid. In any event one of two inheritance tax forms have to be completed to establish if no tax is payable (form IHT205) or tax has to be paid (form IHT400). A simple estate will normally suggest that no tax is payable (IHT205), whilst a complex estate usually suggests that inheritance tax is payable (IHT400).

Every estate is different, so it is always better to speak to us for an estimate based on your specific circumstances. Our fees for Estates Administration will be a fixed quoted sum, calculated by reference to the size of the Estate, number of assets, beneficiaries etc.

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