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Trusts are relevant for a variety of reasons.

During your lifetime you may wish to consider setting up a Trust for Inheritance tax planning purposes or for the benefit of a vulnerable child (or adult) to ensure they have adequate income during their lifetime whilst the Trustees look after the capital.

You may wish to consider including a Trust in your Will perhaps to preserve assets from erosion by Care Home fees or to protect a vulnerable beneficiary. A Trust may also be used to provide security for your spouse or partner and at the same time ensure that on the death of your spouse or partner there are funds to pass on to your children - this type of trust is particularly relevant where a couple have children and step children and wish to ensure that both sides of their respective families ultimately benefit.

You may be a Trustee of an existing Trust seeking advice on the administration of a trust or on the appointment of professional co-Trustees. Our team would be happy to advise on all matters relating to the creation, administration and dissolution of all types of Trust.


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